Many of our product features, like sending invoices or setting up plans with Stripe Billing, applying rules in Stripe Radar, or creating custom reports in Stripe Sigma, can be used directly from the Dashboard. We’ve recently made a number of updates to improve common workflows in the Dashboard and to make it easier to manage your business—no API requests required.

NewBulk refunds from the Dashboard

We’ve made it much faster to refund several payments at the same time from the Dashboard. You can now select multiple payments and refund them with a single click. Try out bulk refunds from the Payments page, in search results, the customer details page, or the Radar Reviews page.

NewCustomizable columns in exports from the Dashboard

If you’re downloading reports from the Dashboard, you can now customize the export by selecting exactly which columns of data you’d like to include. (This works on any page with lists of data.)

NewIssue refunds from the Android Dashboard app

Android users can use our Android Dashboard app to view earnings and payouts or search for particular payments and customers. With the latest version, you can also issue refunds directly from the app.

NewSubscription management in the iOS Dashboard app

The latest version of our iOS Dashboard app lets you manage your subscriptions on the go. You can now start or cancel a subscription for any customer directly from your iPhone.

UpdateBest practices for using the Dashboard

Get more out of the Dashboard with our new docs: learn more about topics like advanced search features, different types of reports, or setting up roles and permissions for your account. (If you’re new to Stripe, we also recommend watching our video to explore all the features of the Dashboard.)

We hope that these new updates help you do even more with Dashboard. These features were built based on feedback from our users, so if you have any ideas or flows you’d like us to improve, please let us know!

by Marc Hurwitz

A new hotel restaurant is on its way to an historic section of Boston, and the people behind an award-winning Somerville dining spot will be running the place.

According to an article from Eater Boston, Katrina Jazayeri and Josh Lewin of Juliet in Union Square will be opening Peregrine, which will be located inside the upcoming Whitney Hotel on Charles Street in Beacon Hill. The new restaurant will focus on coastal Mediterranean fare with influences coming from Italy and the islands of Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily, along with the Catalonia region of Spain and elsewhere in the region. The post mentions that wines offered will come from Italy and Spain as well, and French and other Mediterranean options will also be available–and craft cocktails will be included. If all goes as planned, Peregrine (and the hotel) will be opening sometime this spring.

Juliet, which first opened in 2016, is a European-style cafe that has received much praise including Bon Appetit nominating it for best new restaurant in America.

The address for Peregrine–and the Whitney Hotel–is 170 Charles Street, Boston, MA, 02114.

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Todays Restaurant Industry

2019 Restaurant Outlook

The restaurant industry outlook for 2019 is moderate with a steady growth in sales, as has been true for the past decade. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S.’s gross domestic product increased by 3.4% in the third quarter of 2018. However, consumers still have less money to spend on food. Expenses are high and wages are stagnating.

The good news is, they still spend about half of their food budget on restaurant food. The bad news is that restaurants are having to compete more and more to serve consumer needs. With innovation, nonetheless, restaurants might have a shot at winning consumers over and increasing their profits by a considerable margin.

Food Delivery Services

Unfortunately, consumers are trending towards convenience over a dining-out experience. Instead of leaving home to pick up food themselves, the convenience of delivery is holding their interest.

Third-party delivery services, such as the ubiquitous Uber Eats and GrubHub, are keeping in with the times. Analyzing user data and trends, they are focusing on innovating with restaurants in the creation of “ghost restaurants”.

Ghost restaurants are a means of matching consumers with the foods they were craving but weren’t finding through traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant searches. This means partnerships with traditional restaurants that already have the infrastructure in place to cook the foods sold by these virtual restaurants.

In exchange, restaurants experience a significant uptick in sales. Betsy Levya, owner of the Brooklyn bakery La Gran Via Bakery, was approached with the idea by Uber Eats and reacted with suspicion at first. However, soon after setting up her hamburger side business, she told NPR, “We’ve increased our sales by about 30 percent. So it’s very exciting.”

Though Uber Eats takes a mighty chunk of the profits through fees to restaurants and consumers alike, the boost in revenue is not to be ignored.

Meal Kit Delivery Services

A massive boom in competition has been the introduction of meal kit delivery services. This is especially true since 90% of adults still prefer home-cooking to dining-out.

According to Chick-fil-A, however, this boom might be a way to innovate and increase restaurant profits.

They’re currently experimenting with meal kits sold at 150 of their locations. Customers can pick up a chicken-based meal immediately, along with their usual fast-food dining, rather than invest in a meal a week in advance. Combining immediacy with familiar ingredients and lower prices just might win out the day.

Innovation Is Within Your Reach

Looking to increase your sales revenue for 2019? Contact TRG today to get a head start on the competition.

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British startup OakNorth has raised a $440 million funding round from SoftBank’s Vision Fund as well as the Clermont Group. The company is creating a digital bank and focuses on loans for small and medium enterprises and the technology behind those loans.

Today’s funding round is the biggest funding round in a European fintech company. OakNorth has raised $848 million in primary funding since its creation.

With this funding round, the company plans to double down on what it already does. The company can issue fast and flexible loans to businesses and property developers in the U.K. OakNorth uses big data and machine learning to assess the risks and monitor its portfolio. The company has lent more than $3.7 billion overall, and there hasn’t been a single default or late payment.

But that is just part of OakNorth’s business. The company also licenses its platform to other institutions. Banks leverage OakNorth Analytical Intelligence platform for their own loan books, from origination to credit analysis and portfolio monitoring. Multiple banks already use it in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

While OakNorth doesn’t provide a checking account, individuals and businesses can open various savings accounts with OakNorth. OakNorth manages 34,000 savings accounts.

The company plans to expand to the U.S. as well. OakNorth doesn’t want to open a bank in the U.S. Instead, the company will focus on partnerships with American banks and loan origination for those banks.