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Have you ever wanted to be able to ask prominent business people how they attained the level of success they have? Or what their strategies are for building a business? Or their most awesome day in business?

That is what an AMA is all about. AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.”

Executives and successful entrepreneurs are often willing to answer questions, but may not be able to do so one-on-one. An AMA gives the community a chance to “talk” to them.

An AMA also gives the executive or entrepreneur a chance to share behind-the-scenes strategies and experiences we all love to hear about.

Anita Campbell, the founder and CEO of Small Business Trends, is holding an AMA on Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

It’s going to take place in the Mastermind Community on our sister site, BizSugar.  The Mastermind Community is like a private forum and chat community for small business owners.  It’s free to join.

You can post questions on the forum there.  She will pop in and answer them throughout the day.

The entire Anita Campbell AMA will be done via text (typed) entries.  That way, participants can scan the questions and answers quickly.

The AMA questions/answers will also remain online there. People can view them even after the AMA event itself is ended.

Go here to register to enter the AMA.

Questions Anita Will be Answering

Some questions have already been posted in the Mastermind Community.  Anita will be answering these and more:

  • Why did you start Small Business Trends?
  • Is there an algorithm that decides what content is most popular on Small Business Trends and features it on the home page?
  • What is it like to be a publisher of a large site?
  • Can someone really make money from online publishing today?
  • Which advertising source have you found most profitable?
  • Why doesn’t Small Business Trends accept guest contributors much anymore?
  • Do you have any regrets related to your businesses?
  • How did you grow the original sharing members on BizSugar?
  • What are some of the top tech you use to run Small Business Trends and BizSugar?
  • You’ve used Zoho One technology for some of the new BizSugar features. Why did you choose Zoho?
  • Do you have a preferred social sharing solution?

What do YOU want to know?  This is your chance to ask Anita a question.

Details About the Anita Campbell AMA

Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

Time:  10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern (EST) time   Since this is an ongoing chat, you can jump in and out.  It’s not like a webinar or conference with a set time — it’s fluid.

Cost:  100% FREE

How to participate:  Register as a member of the free BizSugar Mastermind Community.  It takes 20 seconds to fill out your name and email address.  And that’s it!  Go here to get started for the AMA.

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Whether you run a thriving blog for your small business or you’ve never published a thing, 2019 will see some fundamental shifts in content marketing trends.

According to a study by Time, 90% of consumers like custom content from brands and 56% of people prefer brands that don’t just sell but share something interesting or teach them something new.

2019 is the year to take creative risks with your content marketing and have some fun engaging with your audience.

As you contemplate how your small business will approach content marketing in 2019, take note of these leading trends.

Trend No. 1: New formats and mediums

One of the leading content marketing trends this year is branded video content, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Watch for small businesses to experiment with episodic series, how-to’s and behind-the-scenes content

More than half (54%) of consumers say they want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

Video rises as the most thoroughly consumed content type. While consumers often skim or multitask while consuming written content, 62% of consumers stop and pay attention to videos.

What other formats could you use?

Would prospects have fun with interactive content such as quizzes? What about a podcast? According to Statista, the number of podcast listeners is projected to reach 132 million by 2022.

Try different things with your content marketing and see what works. If a piece of content doesn’t generate much engagement, let it go and experiment with other formats. Even if you’re unsure where to start with your content marketing, you still must start. In her blog, Heidi Cohen notes that consumers need six to eight content touches before they become a lead and enter your sales funnel.

Trend No. 2: Compelling visuals

If you want to maximize your content marketing this year, use images.

32% of marketers say images are their business’ most important form of content, with blogging in second at 27%.

According to HubSpot, people only remember 10% of the information they hear three days later. However, when a relevant image accompanies the same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

When customers are searching online, high-quality photos can also make your small business stand out. More than half (60%) of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business that has an image appear in local search results.

Trend No. 3: Content marketing must prepare for voice search in 2019

Voice search is having a big impact on the way small businesses approach content marketing. Last year, there were more than 1,000,000,000 voice searches per month. By 2020, half of all searches will be voice searches.

Are you ready? Since voice searches are conversational requests, it’s important to reassess how you create and optimize your web content for queries.

Consider how your target audience would talk to their phone or smart device when they want to do something. “Hey Siri, what’s the lunch special at Corner Café?” or “Hey Alexa, does Fred’s Dry Cleaning deliver?”

Answering common questions in your content not only increases your odds of your small business showing up in search, but it’s also just plain useful for your customers.

An FAQ page is a great opportunity to plan for voice search in your content. You can use free tools such as to determine what questions people are asking about your product or service. You can also expand on FAQ content in the form of blog posts.

Trend No. 4: The rise of artificial intelligence in content

When small business owners start planning their content strategy, AI can help cut back on the time spent on topic selection, keyword research and performance tracking. By 2021, AI is predicted to recover 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity. Plus,Gartner predicts that one in five workers will rely on AI to perform non-routine tasks by 2022.

Watch for more small businesses to turn to AI-powered tools this year to eliminate the guesswork and build data-driven content strategies. Platforms such asConcured andBrightEdge use AI to discover what people are searching for, what topics drive engagement, and what you should cover with your content.

Crayon is another tool that uses machine learning to shed light on what your competitors are doing. This makes it easy for small businesses to track and analyze what works and doesn’t for similar local businesses.

Remember, content is still king in 2019

When you’re running a small business, it’s easy to overlook content marketing. However, content deserves a spot at the top of your to-do list.

If you look at nearly any successful business, you’ll find a wealth of phenomenal content. Just consider the businesses that NewsCred recognized for exceptional content marketing in its Top 50 Awards. Winning companies hail from a variety of industries and come in all different sizes. They all have one thing in common: A desire to capitalize on the power of content marketing.

To reach new customers and grow your business, it’s crucial to invest in content. Don’t keep doing what you’ve always done. If you’ve just launched your business, don’t be afraid to kick off your content marketing efforts.

While there are many things competing for your time and resources, make content a priority this year. When you consider the trends above, you set your small business up with a winning content marketing approach.

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La Casa de las Carcasas

La Casa de Las Carcasas, c’est le nom de l’entreprise espagnole qui vend principalement des protections pour des téléphones portables. C’est une chaîne de magasins qui a connu un grand succès depuis 2013, lorsqu’ils ont ouvert leur première boutique en 2013 à Madrid, et qui compte aujourd’hui avec plus de 100 points de vente physiques.

Ismael Villalobos nous explique comment ce projet est née et de quelle façon l’analyse de données des points de vente leurs a permis d’optimiser sa stratégie commerciale.

  • Bonjour Ismael, pouvez-vous nous expliquer l’origine de « La Casa de las Carcasas » ?

« La Casa de las Carcasas » est un projet qui a commencé à l’origine dans la vente en ligne, et plus tard on a ouvert des magasins physiques. Mon idée était de vendre un produit avec le plus grand nombre de client potentiels, et c’est comme ça que je me suis intéressé à la vente d’accessoires pour téléphones et housse mobiles, avec une clientèle très vaste.

Le marché a même évolué très positivement. Il y a 6 ans, notre public cible était compris entre 16 et 65 ans et aujourd’hui il est compris entre 11 et 75 ans même plus, ce qui élargit le nombre de nos clients potentiels.

  • L’année dernière vous avez franchi le cap des 100 magasins physiques. Quelles sont vos priorités au moment de choisir un emplacement pour ouvrir un nouveau point de vente ?

Notre priorité est de faciliter les choses au client dans tous les aspects. L’un d’eux étant l’emplacement, nous essayons toujours d’être présent dans les rues les plus commerçantes et dans les centres commerciaux les plus visités.

  • Quel est le rôle de votre magasin en ligne par rapport à vos magasins physiques ?

Notre magasin en ligne n’est pas simplement un e-commerce pour faire des achats, mais une vitrine pour tous ceux qui veulent en savoir plus sur nous, sur notre produit, où nous sommes, etc.

  • Selon vous, quelle est l’importance d’analyser et de mesurer les données dans le commerce retail ?

L’importance d’analyser les données est de savoir d’où vous venez, où vous êtes et où vous allez. Mesurer et analyser des données dans le commerce retail vous donne l’opportunité d’éliminer les obstacles dans les domaines où vous échouez, de les identifier et de voir mathématiquement quel est l’impact des actions prises par l’entreprise.

  • Quelle utilisation faites-vous des outils de Retail Intelligence de TC Group Solutions et quels avantages en retirez-vous ?

Ces outils nous permettent de créer plus facilement des créneaux horaires pour le personnel, basés sur les entrées, beaucoup plus efficaces ; augmenter le taux de conversion et réduire les excès de personnel à des heures où on n’a pas autant d’affluence et avoir plus de personnel à des heures pointes. Nous avons observé des magasins qui, à une distance de 300 mètres les uns des autres, ont des différences de trafic très importantes dans le même créneau horaire et que nous avons utilisé par erreur les mêmes charges horaires des équipes de vente.